Basic Site Design

Basic sites are the cheapest that I offer, they come with a responsive and unique theme that looks great on all browsers & devices. They are not, however, easily maintained for the customer. Since there is no backbone to the site, there is nowhere for the user to update content without editing the core files, which can be messy and confusing. Therefore,    unless you know a decent amount of HTML, you’d have to hire someone to maintain the site, which becomes more costly for you. I’m not trying to push anything on anyone, or I wouldn’t even offer this option, it’s just a warning.

Recommended sites for this option: Any site that doesn’t need to be maintained, simple showcases, splash pages (ie: ‘Coming Soon!’)

Content Management System

Content management systems allow you to maintain your website content in a comfortable user interface. You can extend the functionality of your website on a whim. WordPress plugins make it easy to manipulate what your website can do without even needing any help (and therefore not having to pay maintenance fees.) Along with a powerful user back-end, this option comes with 5 free pre-design sketches and 1 month free support once the website is finished.

Recommended sites for this option: Blogs, sometimes eCommerce, restaurants, small businesses, community-driven sites, etc..


eCommerce sites include a user interface just like a content management system, and in some cases the software will even be the same (WordPress has some wonderful eCommerce solutions available) but it will be far more oriented toward selling. You’ll have the ability to add, remove and update products, create coupons, manage sales and customers, and so much more depending on your needs. I’ll assist you in setting up a payment method and getting your business launched. I’ve got some great experience and education in internet marketing and sales, so I double as a consultant for my eCommerce clients.

Recommended sites for this option: Any site that sells digital or physical products.


Social Network (ie: Facebook clone)
Question / Answer (see

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